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KU Retreats Heart & Yoga experience

 Living life from the heart, listening to your inner voice and connect to your sense of purpose... 

KU Retreats creates the space for an ultimate heartfulness experience... 

A week-long holistic treatment, opening your connection to the heart, going deep on yourself ... finding your real sense of purpose.

KU Retreats has made available for you different tools for your transformation.

From Yoga, Qigong and Taichi to our popular signature treatment KU Massage, and other healing therapies. 

Reconnect with yourself on the outstanding and still hidden nature of Ibiza, meditate in caves, do Qigong on cliffs overviewing the magnificent views of Ibiza, hike some of the hidden paths off the tourist tracks and enjoy kayaking on crystal clear waters of the mediterranean sea.

Know more about our Ultimate Heartfulness Experience... 

The Yoga

Our Yoga practice welcomes all levels, we use props, pillows and kramas (alternative postures) to accommodate your level and make you feel good during any part of the practice.

The morning class is a vigorous practice to give you vitality, flexibility and connection for the day. It includes warming up exercises, Kriyas (purification techniques), Meditation, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and a mix of Hatha Yoga emphasizing the alignment and exploration of each posture's benefits and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, using dynamic sequences to awaken and revitalise the body.

The evening classes will focus on relaxation and turning inwards. We start with Qigong connecting to the landscape and nature views and finish with a restorative practice of Yin Yoga and relaxing deeply with Yoga Nidra guided meditations.

Classes will take place outdoors under a sunshade, with beautiful views across the countryside of Ibiza creating an ideal setting to dive in meditation and into the KU Retreats yogic practices.

KU Retreats Heart & Yoga is about transformation by opening and connecting to your heart.

Our holistic team will be available for you and your specific needs. The guest's numbers are limited to enable a personal experience to each one and that our Ku Team can give all the personal attention needed to your individual practice.

The Yoga Teachers 

Our Yoga teachers are certified by Yoga Alliance and are enthusiastic to meet you and share their practice with you whatever is your level.

Shankara has always been interested in holistic disciplines, healthy life and dance. Trained in Yoga, Pilates, Yogalates, Personal training and Body Balance (Tai-Chi, Yoga & Pilates mixed discipline).

Completed several courses in Acroyoga, Hatha, Asthanga Yoga & Dynamic Yoga, TRX Suspension Training, Holistic Massage, Thai Massage, Body Expression, Relaxation, Visualization techniques...etc.

She is also a Stand-Up Paddle Surf (SUP) professional instructor by the Spanish Federation of Surf & the International Organization of SUP and an advanced SUP Yoga/Pilates teacher certified in California (USA).

Shankara provides different modalities of Pilates & Yoga fusing the best of all these disciplines, including SUP Yoga/Pilates (Yoga/Pilates on the Stand-Up Paddle Surf board)

Miguel da Silva


Founder of KU Retreats, Miguel is a Yoga, Qigong & Tai Chi teacher. He also teaches Macrobiotics and TCM.

Practitioner of Acupuncture, certified by YNSA by Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto and Meditchi Spain.

Founder of KU Massage, KU Retreats signature treatment.

Worked as a Yoga and Qigong therapist to handicapped clients for the Irish Wheelchair Association in Dublin, Ireland.

Miguel is a disciple of Dr. Antonio Areal, a renowned macrobiotic authority with 40 years experience in Macrobiotic Counseling, Oriental Diagnosis and Oriental Medicine.

A nature lover and a pathfinder, Miguel believes "no one is better; After all, we are already perfect as we are. We must dare to recognize that. Change for me is letting go of what we are not, so that everything we do in fact has the space to shine. "

Lectures and Workshops 

During the retreat week there will be facilitated a few lectures and suggested a few workshops allowing guests to become familiar and get a more in-depth contact with the KU Retreats subjects.

Here's a list of our covered topics:

  • How to introduce Macrobiotics into your daily life

  • Beginners Oriental Diagnosis

  • How to find your Optimal Nutrition

  • Healthy cooking workshop

  • Yogic lifestyle

  • The secret wonders of Tibetan Yoga

  • Sushi workshop

  • An Introduction to Chinese Medicine and the theory of Yin & Yang and the 5 elements

  • Zen meditation walking through the inspiring natural landscapes of Ibiza


The KU Team

Dominika Silva: Founder, Ku Massage Co-Creator, and Therapist

Dominika will facilitate the meditations, Oriental Diagnosis and Clairvoyant consultations.

From young age, she has been very interested in the growth of the inner-self, the mysteries of one’s true nature and finding ways of alignment of our needs and sense of purpose.

Dominika has been ever since researching and learning from various teachers and masters.

She expertizes in working with the subtle energy fields such as mental, emotional and etheric and has been guiding and helping many people in their lives.


  • BCS in Anthropology of Cultures by the University of Cieszyn, Poland


  • Clairvoyant therapist for more than 15 years in Poland, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.


  • Meditation facilitator at Osho Resort Pune, India


  • Co-creator of Ku Massage and KU Retreats


  • Dominika is a disciple of Dr. Antonio Areal, a renowned macrobiotic authority with 40 years experience in Macrobiotic Counseling, Oriental Diagnosis and Oriental Medicine and direct student of Michio Kushi, macrobiotic leader and founder of the movement “One Peaceful Word”.


  • Foot Reflexologist for 15 years

Martin Stiver: Our gourmet Chef

Martin Stivel is an Argentine chef born in Buenos Aires and trained in Paris, His dishes are usually a mix of Italian, Latin cuisine and Oriental cuisine coupled with healthy, nurturing and detoxifying Macrobiotic concepts, and they have herbs and spices as a signature.

His cuisine is a mix of influences from the places where he has traveled and flavors are born from inside his heart.

Martin has more than 15 years experience in cooking, he will be showing us some of his secrets on the Healthy Cooking Classes.

Paolo Dell'Agnolo: Kayaking instructor, Diving instructor and walking guide

Extroverted and optimistic, Paolo is fluent in 4 languages, Spanish, English, Italian and Catalan.

"I'm very passionate by the sea and the instinctive need of sharing the most natural side of Ibiza with others"

Paolo has more than 5 years experience as a guide and sea kayak instructor in Ibiza.

· Sea Kayak Instructor Level II

· Aquatic First Aid

· Nature Activity Instructor

· Rescue Diver (PADI)


Environmentally conscious, Paolo believes with all his heart that the Kayak is the perfect vehicle to discover Ibiza's secret corners.

Yuri Novitsky: Host, Chef, Retreat Assistant

Yuri will be our host in the Tuscan KU Retreats, the chef, and he will teach the cooking classes. He will also be available to help in organizing nature walks, hot spring outings, to discuss various food, wine and local produce related issues.


  • Yuri has a Master’s degree in Economics and started his career working in several think tanks in Washington, D.C. (USA) in early 1990th before taking a position at the International Monetary Fund. He later moved to Paris, France drawn by his interest in food, gastronomy, wine and taste in general.


  • Passionate about cuisine since early childhood, Yuri studied cooking from Alain Ducasse, one of the greatest French chefs of our time. First learning at the Chef’s Parisian 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris in late 1990th and later finishing a formal cooking school of Alain Ducasse in Paris and working at his restaurant Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower.


  • To realize one of his dreams, Yuri started a project to transform an old Tuscan villa into a retreat center. Now, he hosts yoga, dance, meditation, painting and culinary retreats in Villa Gaia, Seggiano, where he also enjoys serving his guests as a chef.


  • Yuri started practicing hatha yoga at the age of 14. From the year 2000, he became a close disciple of Master Xu Mintang of ZY Qigong leaning from him meditation, qigong, and Tai-Chi during numerous retreats in Shaolin Monastery in China.


  • For the last several years, Yuri shares his time between Paris where his family and three children live and Tuscany where he grows a vegetable garden to have the best organic ingredients for the meals during retreats, organizes and leads food and wine retreats, runs the retreat center and enjoys participating in all other retreat he hosts.

Delicious Healing & Nourishing Food

Our kitchen teaches how to appreciate the flavors and how to combine and harmonize them. Cooking is life, is to cultivate the spirit and share the pleasure it provides. The love, the enthusiasm and experience of our catering team offers a variety of tasty ideas with particular attention to seasonal products and an exquisite preparation to create balanced meals with a taste of the soul. Our Chefs prepare unique unique menus that are supervised by our Macrobiotics and health nutricionist. 

We use mostly organic produce foods and the best healing and detox results are achieved when you have gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan meals. So that would be our recommendation.

Even though we can accommodate other requests such as vegetarian (including dairy and eggs), fish or meat occasionally.

If you have any special dietary requirements or necessities, please contact us in advance and we will be happy to accommodate all your needs and work out the best possible solution to attend your diet requests. 

At KU Retreats health through food is one of our goals, "Food is thy medicine". Understanding that food has to be customized in terms of age, physical activity and the circumstances around us, our nutritionists can develop a menu tailored to the needs of each client. One exquisite flavor of our wellness KU Retreats.

Healthy salad_edited
Healthy salad_edited
Harmonious blend_edited
Harmonious blend_edited
Rejuvenation Salad_edited
Rejuvenation Salad_edited
Vegan Dessert_edited
Vegan Dessert_edited
Italian healthy food
Italian healthy food
Vegan Cake
Vegan Cake
Macrobiotic meal
Macrobiotic meal

The ultimate heartfulness experience...


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