The Island of Ibiza in Spain has become famous for its association with nightlife and electronic music but it has so much more to offer, with its vast countryside and more than 60 beaches...

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associated with fertility and love. She often wears an ancient wand that is associated with the medical profession. Tanit is said to be a Goddess of the sick and dying and Ibiza a center of healing.


Ibiza hosts a huge concentration of international talent on a tiny island. They have found inspiration and fulfillment from the simple, spiritually enriching, Ibicenco way of life. ‘Tranquilo‘, the most popular Ibicenco word, means ‘Finding Inner Peace in Harmony with Nature’.


The beautiful countryside and the crystal clear mediterranean sea create an amazingly harmonious setting. It’s perfect for recharging your body and soul. KU Yoga and Activity Retreats in Ibiza offers meditation and hatha yoga practice together with nature walks and kayak and SUP trips exploring the incredible Ibiza coast, with pauses for experiencing snorkeling, exploring caves and hidden beaches.


On our retreats you can enjoy on-site wellness activities such as our Ku Massage and other Healing Therapies and acupunture.



You can find bays that make perfect diving platforms on blue crystal waters, places that invite repose and reflection with only fishing boats bobbing far out to the sea, little shacks lining the back of the beaches, small villages among orange, lemon and olive trees, beaches hidden among rocks and cliffs away from the tourist crowds, several little coves, some of then with outstanding sea views where pure unpolluted waters reflect the sun, beautiful sunsets where the natural beauty of the white island is present in many corners, beaches sliced from the cliffs forming natural harbors of translucent blue water and the mystical island of Es Vedrà and its majestic cliffs composing perfect pictures.


Es Vedrà is acknowledged as being one of the three most magnetic points on the Globe, together with the Bermuda Triangle, it is almost impossible to get a direct compass reading at this location. Local fishermen reported that their compasses couldn’t work properly when near Es Vedrà Island.


The early Phoenicians believed Ibiza to be a magic island blessed by the Gods and it is known to be the holy island of Tanit, the Carthaginian Goddess of Love.


Tanit represents death, rebirth, resurrection, and Mother Goddess and is

Ku retreats in Ibiza, Spain. A walking route in beautiful nature surroundings