Ku Massage

A Ku Massage session starts with an Oriental Diagnosis based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, identifying eventual imbalances and their corresponding affected emotions and causes; revealing the present condition of your internal organs and genetic patterns of behavior and/or ancestral tendencies that are affecting your health.


  • Oriental Diagnosis reads through the face forms, lines and shapes, colors, shines and appearance identifying our condition as well as the condition of our parents, grandparents and so forth. This method is particularly interesting to reveal ancestral behavior and emotional patterns and tendencies that can be restricting our optimal health. See Diagnosis

  • The treatment then continues with a massage session focused on the most affected organs and their corresponding meridians (body energy channels used by TCM treatments such as acupuncture). The used techniques are from Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Tui-Na (Chinese Physiotherapy) and Manual Therapy (by adjusting and correcting the spinal structure as well as the bones, muscles, joints and tissues).


  • The session ends with Diet advices based on Macrobiotics (by eliminating certain foods and adding others that are more beneficial, the whole body and psychological condition become balanced). And Exercise advices from Physiotherapy or Chinese Medicine (such as medical Qigong exercises).


“Independence is not accomplished by emotion alone! It is possible only when your wisdom, emotion, and consciousness become one.”
“You must have a correct insight into life and the Nature of the Universe. With self-knowledge such as this, the correct action will always appear.”

Zen Master Seung Sahn


Health Retreats in Ibiza, Spain offering exclusive Ku Massage holistic treatments addressing specific massage therapy, macrobiotic diet guidelines and qigong

All the information you will receive about yourself during this treatment can be incorporated in your week retreat with us, engaging this way in immediate action and achieving immediate results having a positive impact on your state of wellbeing avoiding the “danger” of leaving it all in the theoretical plane. Our intention is to give you a comprehensive assessment of your condition and an integrative practical approach for you to be inspired with and experience by yourself a possible turnover in your life in just a week of Ku care and therapy. 


Combining Western physiotherapy, osteopathy and manual therapy techniques with Oriental diagnosis, Macrobiotics and Chinese Medicine, Ku Massage is a holistic therapy developed by Dominika Mayer and Miguel Silva being the result of their extensive knowledge and experience in massage therapy. 

"Take advantage of the eponymous Ku massage, in which you'll be startled by how your body can reveal unspoken sins. It's painful, but worth it."  Conde Nast Traveller 2014