Ku Press Reviews

Condé Nast Traveller - words by Abigail Lowe 2014


For those seeking not just a newfound sense of wellbeing but also the methods to maintain it, Ku is a safe place to start. The hosts' expertise means big changes to mind, body and soul are possible in a limited period of time, and their calming presence and heartfelt attention really make the place zing... read full article



Queen of Retreats - words by Matt Mellen 2014 


After that, each day was different. We had classes in cooking, nutrition and healthcare. One day we did an intense cardio workout using a range of cool gadgets such as a suspension trainer and medicine ball. Another day we went on a madcap expedition, which was great fun. We headed out in Miguel’s rugged four-by-four with kayaks strapped to the roof to an ancient Phoenician port – a secluded spot with unusual rock formations and a secret fresh water spring. We paddled out over the waves and found spectacular cliffs to climb on and then dive down into the clear azure depths below. The others in my group were in their thirties and we all got on well – one, for example, was an Australian on an extended European tour, another was a German banker looking for rest and relaxation... read full article



Wellness Travelling - words by Arjan Mulder 2014


I'm kind of skeptical person. first see, then believe. Well, I am converted. I do not eat macrobiotic, but meanwhile I cook very healthy. I reflect on what I buy and eat. I avoid sugar, drink no alcohol and watch very much fat. The turmoil that I always felt in me has given way to a kind of peace that I did not know. Miguel and Dominika came at the right time in my life and showed me the right things in a non-dogmatic way. I do not do meditation, but I experience the world around me totally different. There is a connection that never was. And the best: at home I was able to teach this to my partner as well. With the indirect help of Miguel and Dominika she also is more relaxed now, her mind is more open and we now have a more conscious and more pleasant life. Thanks Miguel and Dominika!... read full article

Wellbeing Escapes - 2014


If you're looking to switch off, de-stress and deviate from the norm then this intimate group retreat in the stunning Ibizan hills, just ten minutes drive from the sea, is just the escape for you. Ku Retreats is home to a talented husband and wife team who are true health and wellbeing experts creating delicious, nutritious Macrobiotic meals, group activites and meditation mentoring to help detox your body and your soul. Each retreat is a chance to learn from the best and share your success with others, making lasting friendships and having loads of fun along the way... read full article



I Love Health Blog - 2015


Naast heel goed partyen op Ibiza – waar ik dol op ben! – kun je op dit heerlijke eiland ook helemaal tot rust komen in één van de vele wellness oorden. Ku Retreats is er één van! Als ik naar de foto’s van Ku Retreats kijk, kan ik niet anders dan heel veel zin hebben om deze yoga & wellness retreat te ondergaan. Wat jij?!

Het transformationele wellness programma dat Ku aanbiedt, is bedoeld om de gasten te helpen hun natuurlijke innerlijke balans te herstellen en het versnellen van positieve verandering in hun leven. Een combinatie van yoga, een holistische aanpak, macrobiotische voeding en lichaamsbehandelingen zorgen voor deze ervaring. Tel daarbij kookworkshops, meditatie ensporty activiteiten als kajakken, klimmen of paardrijden bij op en je hebt een week ultiem genieten voor de boeg... read full article