They say about Ku Retreats Ibiza:


Miguel, my friend was right about you. You are a very good and wise therapist. I can see the passion you put into your work. 

Naomi Campbell, Supermodel (UK)


Miguel, had magic hands, one of the most intuitive masseurs I have known.

Jeremy Morris, the London Jeweler (UK)


To describe Miguel and Dominika would be like trying to define LOVE, it is quite impossible, you really have to experience it! There are really no words to describe what they can do to you, not just physically but spiritually, you will feel like a different person after meeting them, after getting their treatments. You will know more about holistic world as they are so good at what they do, and you will even know more about yourself, as their hands go much deeper than skin tissue, they really touch some mysterious chord, they get all the way to your soul…

Antonella Torti (Italy)


Dominika is a very special and warm person with an aura of love. She is someone you want to be around to absorb her positive karma. A massage with her is a unique experience that left most people at the retreat in tears simply because it goes deep at all levels and you feel a genuine interest and care from her and that is a touching experience.

Charlotte (Holland)


It was great to meet you guys…you’re all so talented. Thanks for looking after me! x

Bev Malik (Holland)


Dear Miguel, we thank you for your professional information and for your helpful strategy plan. It works really fine and we think that we are on the right way of getting the optimized portions in each food segment we need to make our days J. Yours sincerely

Stefan and Gundi Gruber (Austria)


Hola Miguel, Poco a poco voy incorporando a mi dieta tus consejos, Borré por completo los lácteos, te informaré de mi proceso. Debo revelarte los resultados. Miguel un beso enorme y un abrazo eterno. Te deseo lo mejor estamos en contacto. Gracias.

Laura Garcia Ruiz-Valdepeñas (Spain)


Miguel, seu tratamento chamanico deve continuar por a ilha toda! Será que voce tem tambem remedio para tratar a saudade da Ilha ? Grande abraço, Fabio ( jà de volta ao trabalho em Roma )

Fabio Saetta (Italy)


Dear Dominika, you have amazing, loving (and painful…) hands, thank you so much, for everything, you are very special woman! Love and hug.

Saskia Jonkers (Holland)


Dominika, you are an angel, what you have done to my body + mind is magnificent. If I get pregnant it will be thanks to you. Love, kisses and hugs.

Tirza Ameerali (Holland)


A big mark to you, Dominika, for the best massage I have ever had. This has been a very special time in my life, and that I will never forget.

Jacqui Phipps (UK)

Very painful but amazing results from the massages of Dominika.

Pascale Catteau (Belgium)


I learned to scream, “ breath through it” in the massages from Dominika. I feel more relaxed and hope to hold this feeling in Holland. With love.

Astrid Tjao (Holland)


And incredible sunsets, beaches, places, plus … an amazing massage that opened my soul!!!!! (Thanks Miguel and Dominika) I will be back!!! Xxx

Antonella Torti (Italy)


Both Dominika and Miguel opened up my true self plus made sure that I finally will start to take care of my poor body. Lots of bodywork, hahaha. Arigato, thanks, muito obrigada, dank je Xxx

Birgit Dautzenberg (Holland)


Hi Dominika, Thanks again, you are an amazing person and I wish you all the best. With love,

Evelien Lindeboom (Holland)


I really appreciate your advice and the time you gave me. I will definitely be making a few changes when I get home. I have had a great time! Kinds regards

Zoe (UK)


Dear Dominika, Back home I noticed something happened… I don’t know what but something happened; I feel lighter and feel more enjoyment. I did the homework as you suggested… The most special thing was that you could experience and share (almost without words) with me the heaviness of my issues. Maybe I come back in autumn. I wish you all the best Love,

Anja (Holland)


Since I left Ibiza last year and after de yoga and sessions with you this is one of the things that happened! Thank you Dominika! For being a life changer! X

Chantal Musquetier (Holland)


Summer 2012 in a Yoga Retreat in Ibiza. That’s when I met Dominika. My session with her turned out to be a key moment in my life. I often think back to that moment, to the words being said and the advice she gave me. It was a truly special, heartwarming experience. Afterwards I felt more brightness to my life. Deep emotions that were stuck in my body were released. And the way Dominika spoke to my heart was something I had never experienced before. Almost indescribably, beautiful, really beautiful! I am still thankful for that day and I hope to meet her once again.

Daphne Swinkels (Holland)


Dear Dominika, thanks a lot for the very interesting work you did on me, I still think a lot about many of the things you mentioned! All the best wishes to you and your family! Love,

Charlotte Ib (Denmark)


Dominika is an amazing and unique person. She excels in combining a lot of technics she learnt while travelling around the world. She helped me to reconnect with my body and my emotions and triggered a real change in my life!

Philippe Sall (France)

Naomi Campbell


Bertrand Gachot

F1 Pilot

Adriana Abascal

Ex-Miss Mexico

Charles Bracken

Liberty Global

Louise Galvin

Celebrity Colourist

Jeremy Morris

London Jeweller 

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