What is KU?

Ku means “restoration” and corresponds to the 18th hexagram of I-Ching, the famous Chinese classic and lengendary ancient manual of predicting the fate.

Overview: Ku tends to appear when progress is being hindered in some way. Usually this is because of past obstacles or problems that were not dealt with at the time and so have continued to eat away at your progress unchecked. Ku indicates a need to examine the past issues without guilt or resentment and to deal with them so that future progress is not hindered in the same way. Be sure to ascertain the true cause or the destructive cycle will continue. Therefore Ku comes to us as a powerful life statement, cutting old patterns and destructive cycles that are constantly repeated. Then by examining our past issues, uncovering them and dealing with them, we are opening and expanding ourselves to a deeper expression of our full potential.

Ku Retreats Ibiza creates an ideal environment for relaxation, reconnection and joining the necessary conditions to activate Ku in our lives.

The symbolism behind Ku is represented by two trigrams: Mountain over Wind, whereby Mountain symbolizes stability, a rooted and centred approach to life, whist Wind stands for any possible distractions from our main purpose, imbalances and disturbances.


General: The problems of the past should be addressed so that the future can be approached with confidence. Take the time to assess any damage caused by past problems and deal with them. Doing so now will help avoid stagnation in the present and future. Bad habits and/or phobias may be holding you back. Now is the time to confront and overcome them.

At Ku Retreats our purpose is to help you dissolve any imbalances in your overall health and wellbeing, setting you on the path towards healthier and happier future.